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Association of Energy Engineers
Baltimore Chapter

Welcome to the Baltimore Chapter of AEE!

The Baltimore Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers was chartered on December 3rd, 1998, with a mission to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster cooperative action in advancing the common purposes of its members and to promote activities designed to enable the industry to be conducted with the greatest economy and efficiency.

Prior to the founding of the Baltimore Chapter, Energy Professionals interested in the Association of Energy Engineers would have ended up in the National Capital Chapter because of their proximity to Baltimore.  At that time a handful of Engineers used to travel to DC or Northern Virginia for their meetings.  We needed something closer to home and few brave individuals went through the steps to found the Baltimore Chapter.

Throughout the Chapter's existence the Board has attempted to find ways to keep interest in the AEE high.  At one time our meeting location was moved to the north side of Baltimore in the Timonium area.  There were a few who appreciated that location because it was either closer to work or home; however, attendance at the meetings dropped off.  At that time the Board recalled our roots and why we broke away from the DC Chapter.  Meetings involved some traffic as they would usually start in the early evenings.  We decided to return to out roots and since then have sought to keep most meetings on the Southwest Side of Baltimore and in areas where access was easier.

We are always seeking locations to hold meetings where we can incorporate the meeting with a topic that links the location for it's energy related  project or products.  Members are encouraged to become active in the Chapter and the Board.  This Chapter as is any other organization only going to be as good as the efforts of it's membership.  Please join us and share your ideas of what you want from the Chapter.